An introduction to the comparison of the roman empire and the han dynasty

Comparison between Roman and Han Empires

Han society was divided into a number of classes, all played a role within this complex society. These men also helped link the central government with local society. They draw on analytical and illustrative comparisons. As historian Samuel Adshead puts it, "Other comparisons could be made Both rulers created large bureaucracies to administer their empires and they both worked strenuously to increase the authority and prestige of the central government.

Afterward, the Huns attacked the Romans themselves. By embracing Confucian political ideas, the Han established a government that created a careful balance that both allowed emperors to exercise their own power and that empowered officials freedom to carry out their duties, and even to criticize government and impeach corrupt superiors.

The Roman Empire reached its greatest height under the Roman general Trajan, which was a total of 6 million square miles. Although they traded along the silk trade routes, China remained isolated and kept to themselves.

The barbarian invasions had devastated the Empire; the population of Italy and other areas of Europe plummeted.

The Emperor Wu was astonished at the quality of the pork, and he asked the official how the pork was made so good. Individual families used allotted plots for subsistence but did not own them; the plots were rotated among families for fairness. However, Roman women were quite free and had greater control over their wealth and property than preceding states in the Mediterranean.

Scheidel gives this as a contributing cause to the relative paucity of comparative studies between the two. Edited by Nancy S. Roman wars were mainly financed by indemnities exacted from losers plus systematic looting and enslavement. The Roman peasantry and slaves, taxed heavily by the aristocrats, also grew disgruntled.

The Roman civilization would never recover. Men were expected to be able to create a poem on the spot; a popular drinking game was to do a "rock-paper-scissors" with ancient equivalents Chinese: Many of these similarities and differences were political, social, and economical.

Aristocrats found it increasingly difficult to have their seigniorial domains tended. They promoted trade and communication within their own empires, and fostered the spread of cultural and religious traditions to distant regions. Chinese civilization survives to the present time, while Roman civilization merged into the larger medieval European culture which adopted, amongst others, Christian faith, the Latin language and alphabet and Roman Law.

The rule of man and family values would continue to be the center of political principles. Naturalis Historia Not even the great Julius Caesar was able to stop the invasions from these barbarous tribes. Women in poorer families did not have such luxury and often worked in the fields with their husbands or acted as entertainers.

Roman Empire Vs. Han Dynasty Compare and Contrast Essay

In contrast to the elegant aristocrats of feudal China, the senatorial aristocrats of the early Roman Republic were rustic and pragmatic. At the bottom of society were convicts, beggars and slaves, who formed a small part of the population.

Many institutions were set up to settle legal disputes, and Roman law appeared in every town governed by the empire. Therefore, punishments for the same crimes were the same in writing, though this was not always carried out.Rome and Han: A comparison of empires The Roman Empire is thought to be the primary foundation of Western culture and modes of government.

The Han Dynasty, on the other hand, provided the basis for culture and government in China, one of the most powerful Eastern influences.3/5(5).

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Comparative studies of the Roman and Han empires

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty had its fair share of similarities and differences.

Roman Empire vs. Han Dynasty Compare and Contrast Essay

Many of these were related to each empire’s economy, government, and social structure. Despite their many similarities, the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were very different. Han China and Roman Empire Comparison Similarities: Both Han China and the Roman Empire showed.

that they were powerful by investing a lot in public works like roads, bridges, a ueducts, canals, and protective walls! In China the Han Dynasty had spread over 6 million kilometers and became extremely powerful throughout Asia.

At its height, the Roman Empire reached about the same size as the Han dynasty.

Comparison between Roman and Han Empires

The empire was so large that internal trade was initiated in the empire alongside external trade with other empires like the Han and the Classical Indian on the Silk Road. The Roman had extensive art depicting war valor and the honoring of leaders like Julius Caesar and Augustus.

An introduction to the comparison of the roman empire and the han dynasty
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